August 23, 2010

First day...

So, we conquered our First Day! I am feeling relieved and exhilirated at the same time. What pure JOY several moments of our day held.
Joshua had his first day at PreK (M,W,F). It seems like he is getting more confident every day. He walked into class without the slightest whimper. These are big steps in the right direction! Bittersweet.
Jack and I began our day with PRAYER...again! Then came Math (Saxon 1st Grade); Spelling/Phonics/ Shoe Tying, etc... which he enjoyed and was ready for more. I am interested to see if this eagerness continues when subjects get a little more difficult.

Highlight: Jack read his first BOB book!
I was so proud and surprised and grateful that I was able to experience that with my son. The look of accomplishment on his face melted my heart. Today was really encouraging. I can't wait to get a steady pace going and start branching out a little more! 

Tying shoes during "LIFE SKILLS" time

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