2011-2012 Curriculum

So after MUCH deliberation and searching blogs and curriculum sites, prayer and help from friends; I think I have finally decided on what this school year will (generally) look like!

JACK (1st Grade)
Math Mammoth 2A/2B
Language Lessons for the Very Young
Explode the Code book 4/Spell to Write & Read (for Spelling rules and reasons)

Adding in January for Jack:
Beginning Latin
Possibly Writing with Ease

JOSHUA (Kindergarten)
Main focus is helping Joshua learn to read fluently!
Math Mammoth 1A/1B
Language Lessons for Little Ones 3
Explode the Code book 1/Spell to Write & Read (same reasoning as above)

Subjects that will be done together:

We will begin with a Unit Study of Psalm 23 (slightly modified to our family) then decide if we will continue in a topic/unit study format. If not, we will begin using Bible Study Guide for All Ages (Beginner) 
Continued work on Big Truths for Little Kids (Catechisms)
Hymn Studies
5 Solas : Sola Gratia/Sola Fide/Solus Christus/Sola Scriptura/Soli Deo Gloria (Jack)

Elemental Science's Introduction to Science w/experiments

No formatted curriculum. We will do seasonally appropriate unit studies & some biographies along with plenty of reading aloud by Mommy!

Beginning Geography

Music/Music Appreciation

Little League

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