August 20, 2010


Excitement is brewing around our home as we get prepared for school to begin on Monday! By "school" I mean HOMEschool for Jack and Pre-Kindergarten 3 days a week for Joshua. Whoa. God has brought us a LONG way. Our curriculum is in and our "classroom"/Daddy's office is taking shape. The boys have their own bins for their assignments and creative works-in-progress. I have taken over the closet and decided that "Teacher, Mommy" also needs some bins and a desk area. Convenient, I know. Plus, the shopping is FUN.

I am a little nervous now that we are getting down to the final days. Am I going to be enough for my children? God has been so gracious to remind that HE is the only "enough" that they need. So, in that I say... "May it be unto us according to YOUR will, LORD."

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