June 17, 2011

Reciting the story of the Rescuer...over & OVER...

Your Father so loved you that he sent his Son to rescue you from the punishment that was due you for your sins. These are the sins you committed when you were a child, the sins you committed before you became a believer, and the ones you've committed today. He has seen all your sin: your selfishness, anger, laziness, and pride, and he has loved you. To rescue you, his Son was sent from heaven, his home, to be born again as a human baby, live a perfect life, suffer in shame and humiliation on Calvary, rise again after three days, and then ascend to the right hand of his Father, where he watches over and redeems every facet of your life, including your parenting. He has promised to use everything in your life for your good and for his glory. This is the kind of watchful, fatherly love he has for you. He is the perfect parent, and this record of perfection has been transferred to you, if you have put your trust in him. Your children's salvation doesn't depend on you any more than your own salvation did. He's a wonderful Father. You can rest in his everlasting arms-now.

Finding myself in need of reading this passage many times a day, lately. For different reasons each time. Sometimes to be reminded of my own offenses. Sometimes to remember how patient and ever-loving the Lord is to me and so I should strive toward that with my children. Other times to be reminded that my "Yes, but(s)..." that moralistically add to the cross are meaningless and worth-less in the light of the gospel of grace.

May you rest in him today, trusting that if you are a believer you are never out of his hand.

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