May 31, 2011

The LAST Week! ....For now

This Friday is going to be our last day of school! Woohoo! Although, I think that we have been cruising in about 3rd gear for a few weeks now.

I am sharpening my organization skills and laying out our upcoming curriculum plans then we will ease back in a few weeks. A lighter schedule, but keeping our brains working through reading and creation exploration.

What are you doing this Summer, if anything? I know lots of people that school year round but does anyone take the Summer off?


  1. Wow! My boys would be so jealous, lol! We do technically go year round,usually being able to have the month of August off. Hopefully this summer we will finish up our core curriculum a little sooner! We will still read and work on things like handwriting and spelling all summer...those are things we just can't break from.

    Every summer, I say I'm going to work on my organizational skills. Every fall, I realize I failed. :D But, I'll still keep trying...

    Good luck and hope you have a great summer!

    Trying to make it through homeschooling a sixth grader without losing what’s left of my mind!

  2. WOW! Thank you for commenting :)
    This was our first year homeschooling and what a ride! I am very interested in doing year round (so to speak) because it hard to get back on schedule after time off.
    You sound like me regarding organization, lol! I try! Really. I have such high hopes! Well, here's to another Summer of HOPE!((wink,wink))
    Thanks for stopping by!