January 26, 2011

Did you make the bed??

What is it about making the bed?
Can someone please tell me?
I love a freshly made bed, but I hate making my bed. Those that have seen my house know that I don't always do it. But, there's just something about when the bed is made. The house feels cleaner. The children seem happier. It's just short of all out singing and flowers blooming!

What the heck?!

I made my bed today. I was mad at my bed for a minute or two...stupid thing-that-can't-make-itself! But there's just something about the bed being made.

Am alone in this or does anyone else get that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and that "can-do!" attitude when the bed is made??? (I might be going nuts.)

No promises that I will always make my bed. But, for today...it just feels good :)

Hope everyone's having a... "Made my bed!" kinda day!
I'm actually feeling pretty sick today. But, alas! I have made my bed...and it is making all the difference!!

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