January 19, 2011

Convictions challenged...

It's not that I am SO patient. Anyone who knows me knows that. It's not that I am uber crafty. I am not anti-government. I did not bear children knowing from day 1 that I would home school them. There are AT the LEAST 10 people that I can name (mothers and teachers) trained to educate my children. I am not well versed in History, Science, Math or any other "subject". I am not a genius.

So it amazes me how many people think that because my children are continuing their education at home, believe that I have suddenly become a SUPERwoman. A do right, organized, over achiever who is consumed with scheduling, lesson planning and (apparently) intent on sheltering my children from what is supposed to be "reality".

Most of the above is completely off base! (Lol) I am nothing. I am their mother. Period. I wasn't cajoled or manipulated into the home education circle. I wasn't convinced to do "this" by a million conversations all secretly aimed at forcing me to home school. I simply had my convictions challenged. In my opinion, educating my boys at home for now (and maybe longer) was as natural as the decision a woman who has a baby has to make about whether or not to breastfeed. Which, I did not do for either of my boys.
When examining the public school system and school choice and my sons...the decision was becoming alarmingly clear. All the while going against my inner self, constantly saying that the ONLY way to regain my "Self" was when they began school. The ONLY way to pursue serving the LORD is to have my children (the gifts HE gave us) out of my hair. Can we just be real here a minute??

Come on. I wanted MY time back.

So, my convictions were challenged...by, God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

For me, every objection to the thought of homeschooling my children was boiling down to a superficial, selfish concern that inevitably did not go hand in hand with my convictions as a Christian mother. Not just a mother, but a Christian one. See, it's not motherhood that sets how I raise my children ...it is the fact that I am a Christian. That changes EVERYTHING. It was easy for me to grasp that thinking when it pertained to me personally, or my schedule (involvement in Christian related "ministry"), but when confronted by the thought that being Christian may also require my perception of motherhood and it's mission to change also...whoa, now we're talking about RADICAL, unconventional Christian living for me...

From challenged convictions to a reforming heart...

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  1. Good stuff! Real, revealing, and relevant! Thanks for exposing your inner self and encouraging others along the way. You and Butch are a blessing to many!