November 10, 2010

Grateful. Blessed. Burdened.

As I sit here at my dining table adorned with Autumn touches and the sun shines brightly I am aching with gratefulness. My "homeschooled" son is happily playing Spiderman while my other is enjoying the benefit of VPK with his friends and teachers. My oldest son celebrates his 20th birthday and my stepdaughter is hopefully coming to visit soon. Life is blessed. We have food to eat and jobs and our health. Thank you, GOD. HE is.

Meanwhile, just outside our haven is dark reality that people are suffering. Suffering through this life. People are persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. People have no food, no jobs, poor health, etc... and such things get taken for granted by those who have them. Do we EXPECT to always have "things"? To have these "liberties"? For my Christian friends, may we not become so entrenched in our culture that we can't see outside ourselves, even our churches. To see, the people. The needs. The abundance of blessing that we DO have. It is only by GOD's grace that we have such things.
 I'm not attempting to guilt, only to refresh your eyes and heart. Like my own was refreshed. Many people have insurmountable sufferings. Some live short lives and others' are painfully prolonged. May GOD teach us all how to LIVE in the light of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST and share the same. I pray that GOD teaches me to LIVE well and DIE well. Yes, I said die. Don't faint. People die. But, did they know HIM who condesended to become flesh , live  & DIE...and LIVE again acording to the will of GOD the Father? That is the question...because that is the ultimate meaning.
Anyway, soapbox "paused".  Give of what you have. Christians, give! Enjoy your blessings...but also enjoy the giving...and pray. In all things pray.
Pray for salvation for all who are called.
Pray for opportunity to share the gospel of JESUS.
Pray for the grace to endure and strength to go!

I know there are many, many more things that concern our minds and hearts...but these were overwhelming mine today. Thank YOU, GOD! From WHOM all blessings flow.

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